Ruby analyzer lands in GA

The Ruby analyzer is out of beta now. It has support for Autofix, Transformers (both StandardRB and Rubocop) and detects over 260 issues in code. Read the release blogpost here.

Autofix support for the JavaScript analyzer

The JavaScript analyzer now supports Autofix for 30 issues. Read the full changelog here.

New and improved repository badges

We have two new badges for repositories on DeepSource — active issues and resolved issues. Go to your repository → SettingsBadges. Read the full changelog here.

Support for Vue, Flow and JSX accessibility issues

The DeepSource analyzer now checks your code for issues in VueJS and Flow code, in addition to detecting UI accessibility issues in your JSX code. Read the full changelog here.

New transformers: StandardJS and Prettier

To accompany the recently released DeepSource JavaScript analyzer, we have added support for popular code formatters in the JS ecosystem: StandardJS and Prettier. Read the full changelog here.

New Transformers: isort and StandardRB

Two of our most awaited Transformers are here: isort and StandardRB. Whenever a new PR/commit is created, DeepSource would automatically check if the style conforms with the chosen formatter. If not, a commit/PR is made with the formatted code. Read the full changelog here.

New Transformer - Autopep8

Auto-format code with Autopep8 transformer. With it enabled, DeepSource sends pull requests to your repository, or updates commits with formatted code in an existing pull request, each time a changeset does not adhere to chosen style guides. Read the full changelog here.

9 new autofixes in the Go analyzer

We have added Autofixes for 9 issues in the Go analyzer. With this release, the Go analyzer can automatically fix 20% of all the issues that it can raise. Read the full changelog here.

Create issues on GitHub or GitLab from the Issues tab

It is now possible to create an issue on your VCS provider for an issue raised on DeepSource, so you can take quick action on it.

Read more details here.

Support for monorepos in Go analyzer

We have added support for monorepos in the Go analyzer. Read the full changelog here.